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Treating Trush


Thrush is a condition which is caused by an over growth of the yeast fungus. This type of fungus is known as Candida Albicans. Although thrush is rarely a serious disease, it can still result in causing a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to the patients. There are numerous different ways of treating this fungal infection and but the medications recommended by the doctor are enough to get rid of thrush in most cases. If you want, you may also try some natural remedies along with your medications to get the better and instant result.

Thrush tends to have a white patchy appearance and it usually targets your throat and side of the mouth. In many cases, it also affects the tongue and you’ll start noticing tiny red spots on your tongue. Although it’s rare, but genital and colon areas are some other spots where thrush can develop. Usual symptoms of this disease are itchiness, burning sensation and discomfort. Even if it is your first time suffering from thrush it’s very important to seek medical advice. The reason is that there are many common symptoms when we compare thrush with some other serious illnesses.

When we talk about the treatment of thrush, there are many different techniques you may consider. Let’s discuss some of the most effective methods of treating thrush.

 Methods of treating thrush:

  1. As you may know, carbohydrate is the main element that helps in the development of yeast. If you limit your daily carbohydrate intake, you can easily solve most of your problems.
  2. Apple cedar vinegar: Apple cedar vinegar is effective for treating many different types of diseases. It work wonders If you add a tea spoon of apple cedar vinegar into a cup of warm water and gargle 3 times a day using that mixture.
  3. Warm bath: If you are suffering from genital thrush, slowly massage that area using a mixture of Epsom salt, lemon, few drops of anti-bacterial solution and Azadirachta fruit. After applying this mixture, leave it for 15 minutes. Your next step is to take a warm bath.
  4. If case your serious emergency, your only option is to consult a doctor.

Assuming you are suffering from thrush in its initial stage, it can easily be treated using the amazing techniques mentioned above. If you feel that the disease has progressed to a serious stage, the best option is to get it checked by a doctor.