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Treating Tinnitus


If you have experience a non-stop buzzing sound in your ears, you are most likely suffering from a problem known as tinnitus. Tinnitus itself isn’t considered to be a serious problem but it usually leads to other problems such as irritation and lack of sleep. Usually, tinnitus goes away itself but in case the buzzing sound isn’t going away, you can try applying some techniques mentioned below. Please note that the remedies listed below are effective only when the problem is at its initial stages. In case your situation is getting worst day by day, the only option for you is to consult a doctor.


Before jumping on to the techniques of treating tinnitus, we must understand what causes this problem in the first place. Tinnitus is usually caused due to the loss of small sensory hair cells which are present in the cochlea located inside the ear. Normal aging process and frequent exposure to loud noises usually result in this loss. Sometimes this condition becomes worst to the point where you permanently lose you hearing power. Therefore it’s better to follow these techniques when tinnitus is at its initial stage.


Tips for treating tinnitus


  1. Treating tinnitus using medications: There are many different medicines available for treating this condition. However, do not attempt to use these medications before consulting the doctor. Your doctor would prescribe you certain medicines depending on your case. Examples for these medicines are nortriptyline and amitriptyline.


  1. Avoiding certain medicines: There are certain medicines that are known for making this condition worst. It’s best not to use those medicines. Some examples are neomycin, erythromycin, vancomycin and polymyxin B.


  1. Cleaning ear wax: Ear wax contributes a lot in the development of tinnitus. Additionally it also blocks the ear canal which results in hearing loss. Therefore it’s best to keep your ears free from ear wax.


  1. Using hearing aids: Although this tip isn’t considered to be the treatment of tinnitus, it really improves your hearing power and there is no harm to consider it as a short term solution while you are working on some other techniques to find a permanent solution to this problem.


  1. Cutting off nicotine and alcohol: If really helps to totally cut off the use of nicotine and alcohol from your life. These two factors are well known for worsening tinnitus.