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Treating Sore Throat

Woman holding his throat in pain, isolated on white background

Are you are experiencing an awful sore throat which is ongoing for the couple of days? If the answer is yes, you are probably aware of how unbearable and uncomfortable this experience is. The usual causes of sore throats are irritation and inflammation of the roof or trachea of your mouth. There are many different ways of treating sore throats, but I am listing down some smartest ways that you must know.

Simple yet effective methods of treating sore throat

1.  Using salty water to gargle your throat

The easiest, cheapest and the most effective  way of treating sore throat is by gargling your throat with warm salty water for 2 minutes few times a day. The warm salty water works as disinfectant that helps to clean and eliminating any bacteria existing inside your mouth. This warm and salty water also acts as the relaxant for tissues and muscles in your throat and mouth. It really helps to ease the pain you are experiencing.

2. Using a humidifier having eucalyptus oil

You can easily clear your throat and ease the pain if you have a humidifier. Adding eucalyptus oil into the humidifier and breathing is proven to be extremely effective method of treating sore throat. However, is case you don’t have a humidifier you may try adding eucalyptus oil in a big bowl and following the same technique.

Make sure that you are all covered to stop the steam leaking outside from the other corner. Secondly, try not to try with method with super hot water or else it might burn your face. A mild warm steam work wonders to clear your lungs and improve your breathing.

3. Regularly practicing breathing exercises

The common cause of sore throats is the narrowing of airways in your nasal cavity and lungs. Therefore it is recommended by the doctors that you must keep practicing breathing exercises to improve your lungs activity. There are many different techniques of doing these breathing exercises. The easiest technique is known as deep coughing and breathing.

In order to get started with this exercise, the first thing you need to do is to sit up as straight as you can. The simple reason is that sitting straight helps the air to travel better into your lungs. It’s even better to do this while standing because your position will be automatically adjusted accordingly.

Second step is to take a very deep breath. Inhale as much air as you can and hold it for 20-25 seconds. Doing this exercise 5 times a day would be more than enough to keep you prevented from sore throat.