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Treating Ring Worm


Ringworm is a very common condition and you must have heard of it one time or another. Although this condition is known as ringworm, it has nothing to do with worms. It’s basically a fungal infection that can appear at any part of your skin. Commonly it’s found on moist and warm body parts. It appears in the form of red rings and hair shafts and treating this problem sometimes seem to be really difficult for most of us.

The first ringworm dates back to 1900s and at that time it was treated using compounds such as iodine and mercury. However, these compounds were only effective on hairless area. Therefore X-rays and anti-parastic compounds were used as to treat the hairy areas. Ringworms are very similar to other skin diseases such as pityriasis rosea and misdiagnose can lead to other serious problems.

Treating Ringworm on your Feet

Ringworm appearing on your feet is commonly known as athletes foot. You can catch this fungal infection from places such as public showers, locker rooms and other wet areas at your home. If someone at your home is already suffering from this condition, there’s a high chance that you might catch those bacteria. In order to keep you protected at home, using water or shower shoes are highly recommended. As mentioned above, ringworms usually appear on moist areas, the wrestlers are especially susceptible to this disease.

Although there are many effective anti-fungal medicines in the form of cream, soap, gel, oral medications etc, but they all carry certain side effects.

How to diagnose ringworm

Diagnosing ringworm can be done using many different methods. Usually a single test is not enough for diagnosing ringworm because it has many similar properties to some other skin infections and diseases. Therefore, your doctor would most likely carry out different tests such as microscopic tests, black lights and cultures.

All these tests would distinguish certain ringworm properties, but none would diagnose all the properties. Sometimes the treatment of ringworm can be pretty expensive but its something that shouldn’t be taken lightly because this disease doesn’t take long before spreading through other parts of your body.

Final word on the treatment of ringworm

In order to correctly diagnose and treat ringworm, you should only consult the skin specialist who has experience in treating such diseases. As mentioned above, it’s not uncommon to misdiagnose ringworm; therefore it’s better not to take any risk. Most likely your doctor would recommend you anti-fungal creams such as miconazole or ketoconazole to be applied twice a day.