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Treating Hemorrhoids


Treating Hemorrhoids

There are many people around the world who are looking for simple ways to treat hemorrhoids. Contrary to what many people think, hemorrhoid is actually an issue experienced by many people. It’s just that not everyone is aware of it. The truth is that almost 45% of the total world population is aged above 50 is suffering from it. Therefore it’s something that you should be really concerned about. In this article I will list down all info related to the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Piles and hemorrhoids can be best explained as the inflamed veins in the rectal and anal part of your body. The opening existing at the end of digestive track is known as anus while ending part of large intestine which leads to anus is known as rectum.

There are two different categories of piles.

Internal piles: This type of piles is formed within the anal cavity

External piles: This category of piles is found outside the opening of digestive track (anus)

Treating external piles is easier to operate while the internal piles are way more difficult due to the fact that it can’t be seen or felt. If you notice bright red blood on the stool, it’s high time to rush to the doctor and get it operated before this problem starts progressing.

The treatment of hemorrhoids depends upon the severity of your case and where your piles are located. The good news is that there are many different ways to get relief from hemorrhoid.

These are the most common methods of treating hemorrhoids:

  1. Taking general measures: There are many different ways to treat hemorrhoids naturally however these can only be effective assuming your condition isn’t serious. If your condition is severe, there is no option other than consulting the doctor. But in case of minor condition, you may try to increase your daily intake of foods containing fiber. As you many know, the main trigger of hemorrhoids is constipation, increased fiber intake would result in softening the stool. You also need to be careful because too much fiber intake can also result in diarrhea.
  2. Over the counter products: OTC products for treating hemorrhoids are very useful for easing anal discomfort and itching. These products are available in form of creams, gels, pads, suppositories and foams.
  3. Local anesthetics for treating hemorrhoids: The anesthetics are beneficial for treating hemorrhoids especially if you are experiencing symptoms such as extreme itching and burning pain. Using this method would result in making your nerve endings numb.
  4. Sclerotherapy: This is considered to be one of the oldest methods of treating hemorrhoids. It is a process where, phenol or quinine urea is injected into the base of the pile in order to reduce the inflammation.
  5. Heat coagulation process: This process involves destroying hemorrhoidal tissues using heat. It is also known to be the most painful treatment.
  6. Surgery: It is the last measure that your doctor would recommend. It’s painful as it sounds but the surgery is instant solution for treating hemorrhoids.