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Treating Asthma


Asthma has been becoming increasing common throughout the years. The main factor that leads to this disease is increased pollution and the use of processed foods. Asthma is considered to be a serious disease and at time could also become life threatening, therefore it shouldn’t be taken lightly and you must take certain steps that would help you to permanently get rid of this problem before it advances to the higher level. Asthma could be best defined as an infliction that results in the airways to constrict. This constriction makes it difficult for us breath properly. Asthma also leads to other problems such as wheezing, chest tightening and coughing.
As you may know, asthma could be a very a scary and at time fatal experience, there are still some ways to get rid of it. These techniques of treating asthma could be listed under two different categories.
1.    Short term solutions
2.    Long term or permanent solutions
Short term solution: The most convenient and an immediate solution to treat asthma is using nebulizer and inhaler. However this is just a temporary method. Plus, you need to carry inhalers at all times to avoid any mishap. As you may know, all medications carry certain side effects. These inhalers double the chances of heart attacks, weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Long term solutions of treating asthma: Although the long time techniques won’t provide immediate results but they are best to permanently get rid of asthma. The best part of using natural remedies is that unlike inhalers and nebulizers, these long term solutions don’t carry any side effects.
Before jumping on to the treatment, let’s list down some things that you must avoid.
Tylenol: Medicines containing Tylenol should be avoided at all costs because they may result in worsening asthma.
Commercial Milk: Commercial milk contains chemicals that may develop asthma. You can try using grass-fed raw milk because it doesn’t carry any side effects.
Sugar: Sugar not advances asthma but it is also the root cause of many other diseases such as diabetes. It’s best to stay away from sugar.
Grains: The reason mentioned above applies here as well because grains convert into sugar.

Treating Asthma:
Increase Vitamin D3 intake: Vitamin D3 deficiency can result in the development of asthma. Try eating foods rich in Vitamin D3. Alternatively, you can also take supplements to fill this deficiency.
Omega 3: Similar to Vitamin D3, consuming foods rich in omega 3 can also treat this disease. Omega 3 can be found in foods such as kidney beans.
Exercising: Exercising regularly improves our insulin level, therefore it is highly recommended to treat asthma. However excessive exercise may also lead to asthma attacks.
Clean environment: Try avoiding exposure to pollution. It’s best to carry a dust mask whenever you go out.